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In 2023, knowing what’s happening in high school athletics is required to understand the sports currents and events shaping Nebraska.

The Omaha Sports Network is a hyper local sports website dedicated to tracking the Omaha Metro Conference in particular and Nebraska high school sports in general.

We are in the first generation of aggregating and distributing sports information at a hyper local level. We also have a Nebraska edition.

Aggregation & Curation

Omaha Sports Network accomplishes this the only way possible: by aggregating, curating and linking to sports news, information and events from all around Nebraska. Spotlighting the posts of athletic directors, coaches, athletes and the sports landscape from across the web and social media provides the only effective means of offering a comprehensive view. And by doing this well, we spare readers the impossible task of monitoring an abundance of news sites, tweets, and status updates.

We work with athletic directors, coaches, athletes, parents, grandparents, etc., to capture and curate the hyper local sports news, information and events important to them.

We also work with journalism


Omaha Sports Network was founded in 2020 by Joe Craig as an automated sports news aggregation and curation service focused on Omaha high school sports.

Our original focus was and continues to be on Bellevue East High School, Bellevue West High School, Creighton Prep High School, Elkhorn South High School, Gretna High School, Marian High School, Millard North High School, Millard South High School, Millard West High School, Omaha Benson High School, Omaha Bryan High School, Omaha Buena Vista High School, Omaha Burke High School, Omaha Central High School, Omaha North High School, Omaha Northwest High School, Omaha South High School, Omaha Westview High School, Papillion-LaVista High School, Papillion-LaVista South High School and Westside High School.

We aggregate baseball, basketball (boys) (girls), bowling (boys) (girls), cross country (boys) (girls), football, golf (boys) (girls), soccer (boys) (girls), softball, swimming (boys) (girls), tennis (boys) (girls), track & field (boys) (girls), volleyball, wrestling (boys) (girls) and eSports.


Several advertising opportunities exist for companies seeking to promote their products, services, events or jobs on Omaha Sports Network. Our advertising opportunities are unique.

Our Blog

For more information, read Omaha Sports Network News. It isn’t updated frequently, but contains all of Omaha Sports Network’s key announcements from over the years.

For Athletic Directors

Omaha Sports Network discovers news and information through a proprietary process that locates sources of information across the web and social media, aggregates and analyzes that data and shares the links to that information to our users. If you’re creating enough buzz in sports, Omaha Sports Network will find you. For more on what we look for, read this post.


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