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Talent flies to Omaha

This past weekend the Adidas 3ssb circuit was in town at the Iowa West Fieldhouse for the first chapter of the 3ssb circuit. The 3ssb circuit is an AAU basketball circuit where teams from all over North America fly and drive into a city in the US and put on a show for a weekend. Players such as five-star power forward Koa Peat, four-star point guard Mikel Brown Jr. and four-star center Malachi Moreno.

The 3ssb Chapter 1 began on Friday, April 12, and ETG Midwest 17u faced off against Koa Peat and Compton Magic. The game began with both teams scoring and then the other teams answering back with a basket. The game was pretty even until Compton Magic gained a fast break and Koa Peat went up for a dunk against ETG Midwest’s Bryson Ball and put Ball on a poster. After that, Compton Magic played downhill and hit three-pointer after three-pointer. The game ended with Compton Magic securing the win and gaining much-needed momentum for the weekend of Games ahead.

“We played a very solid game and I was very happy with the dunk I got as well as our team beginning the 3ssb season with a win,” Peat said. “With this win, we can prepare ourselves for games in the future and improve on our work as a team.”

The sun rises on April 13 and a new slate of games begins with Team Loaded surprisingly falling to New World 17u, NYC Gauchos beating Team Huncho 16u. The day continued and Team Loaded NC 17u played another game against Midwest Basketball Club, four-star point guard Mikel Brown Jr caught a body and put someone on a poster. 

“The dunk was crazy and I was very surprised that he jumped,” Brown Jr. said. “Even though we lost our first game of the day, that dunk and win will help us gain confidence as the weekend continues.”

The main event of the day begins as Team Loaded 17u led by Four-star Kaden Magwood takes on Compton Magic 17u and Five-star Koa Peat. There was a lot of hype and excitement around this game because both of these teams are projected to finish in the top 5 of the circuit. The game begins and opens up with Magwood hitting a three, Compton magic quickly answers back with a layup. The game continues and looks to be pretty eventually matched, but Compton magic goes into halftime with a 7-point lead. 

Both teams take the time to re-talk their strategies and prepare for the second half. Team-loaded VA immediately took down the lead Compton Magic built and went on a big offensive run. As the second half continues both teams continue to score, but Team Loaded ends up with the win and Kaden Magwood finishes with a 32-point game.

“This game was marked on our schedule as a must-win game,” Magwood said. “I had one of the best games I have ever played in an AAU circuit and we as a team played very well and I can see us making a run with the championship in Rock Hill.”

The Saturday slate of games ends and Sunday begins and Utah prospects fall short to Team loaded VA 17u and ETG Midwest gets their first win of the weekend against Southern Assault. Teams begin to fly home and Chapter one of Adidas 3ssb comes to an end and the next session will tip off in Birmingham Alabama on May 3.


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