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20 Questions: Papillion-La Vista High Baseball Head Coach Nate McCabe

Looking for more information about Papillion-La Vista Baseball? Contact Head Coach Nate McCabe today! nate.mccabe(at) and follow on X – @PLV_Baseball!

What is your team outlook for 2024?
We return most of our arms from 2023 who showed improvement in the summer. Also return a couple of our offensive leaders but will need young or inexperienced players to make a jump for us to score runs.

Players to watch in 2024?
Isaac Pamaran, Brett Hoelscher, Tanner Apgar

How long have you been coaching high school baseball?
This is year 11 as the Head Coach at Papio-LV. I was an assistant for 5 yrs before that.

What inspired you to become a high school baseball coach?
The impact that I witnessed my high school coaches had on me and my teammates. Jim Thomas and Bill Lynam.

What is your coaching philosophy when it comes to developing high school baseball players?
Development is going to be different for each guy. For some it might come early in their high school careers, for others it may take time as they grow into their bodies. The one constant is that you have to work for it. Our job as coaches is to identify where each kid is currently at and help them develop to be better players and people.

Can you share some key principles you instill in your players regarding sportsmanship?
Don’t talk to the umpire. Be good enough to play through a bad call. This can be hard to do at times but we should always strive for it.

What is your approach to balancing academics and athletics for your players?
One before the other. If you don’t take care of the classroom, then baseball isn’t for you.

How do you address the varying skill levels and experience within the team?
It’s amazing the difference you can see between kids who have been varsity athletes vs kids who haven’t. The varying skill levels will be determined by what level they play (Fr, JV, Var). I feel like confidence can be more important than skill level with young men.

Can you describe your strategy for preparing the team for important games or tournaments?
Every game is important. Our preparation or strategy shouldn’t deviate because of who we play. I’m more worried about us than I am our opponent.

How do you encourage players to set and work towards both individual and team goals?
It’s cliche, but it’s the process. We don’t have to talk about goals all the time or hang posters or wear t-shirts with slogans on them. We like to constantly discuss about how are we going to get better each day vs the goal itself.

What emphasis do you place on mental preparation?
This is something that I feel like I need to do better at as a coach. With today’s athletes the mental side is more important than ever.

What role do statistics and analytics play in your coaching decisions?
It plays a part. It’s not the only thing that drives a decision but it plays a part of the decision making process.

How do you manage playing time and ensure fair opportunities for all team members?
Playing time is earned. Make it so we have to write your name in the lineup. You have opportunities to do that in practice, pregame BP, in and out, and games.

What role do leadership and captaincy play within your team, and how are leaders selected?
We’ve never elected captains. Leaders will distinguish themselves. The best teams are player driven.

What resources or facilities are available to the baseball team for practice and games?
We are getting a brand new all turf field this upcoming season. When the project is finished, we will have new cages, stands, storage, and lights as well. We will also be getting a new indoor facility that begins work this summer. In the off-season we have 2 beautiful newly equipped weight rooms here at school. It’s a good time to be a Monarch!

What qualities do you look for in assistant coaches to ensure a cohesive coaching staff?
Loyal, Hard Working

What advice do you give to players aspiring to pursue baseball beyond high school?
There is a place for anyone who wants to play college baseball. It may not be the level you think you want to play but if you want and are willing to work, it’s attainable. Too many kids don’t want to play if it’s not D1 but the experiences you will gain from college baseball at any level are worth it.

What services do you utilize to help players that want to pursue baseball beyond high school?
Field Level

How do you engage with parents to ensure a collaborative and supportive environment for the team?
Be honest and set expectations

What else should we know about your baseball program?
We have a great tradition of putting competitive teams on the field. With our facility upgrades now is a better time than ever to be a Monarch!


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