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20 Questions: Central High Baseball Head Coach Jerry Kreber

Looking for more information about Omaha Central High Baseball? Contact Head Coach Jerry Kreber today! gerald.krebe(at)

What is your team outlook for 2024?
Central ( WebXFacebookInstagram) looks to be competitive this year with some experience returning on the mound and in the field.

Players to watch in 2024?
Demman, Blake
Hoiekvam , Harrison
Mattox, Henry
Nemac, Max
Dougherty , Joseph
Thomas, Dominic
Kane, Marcus
Palfini, Sam

How long have you been coaching high school baseball?
23 years

What inspired you to become a high school baseball coach?
Bob Newman: my coach at Beaverdale Little League in Des Moines, IA.

What is your coaching philosophy when it comes to developing high school baseball players?
You’re only in high school once and the clock starts ticking once you enter the door. Make every second count with competing in multiple sports, weight training, and putting in skill development of your own!

Can you share some key principles you instill in your players regarding sportsmanship?
Your behavior is a reflection upon your family, school, and team. Do not embarrass yourself.

What is your approach to balancing academics and athletics for your players?
Academics is your number 1 priority in school. Baseball (along with any extracurricular activity) will also be second.

How do you address the varying skill levels and experience within the team?
By giving an unbelievable amount of off-season opportunities for developing players to improve with free resources at school.

Can you describe your strategy for preparing the team for important games or tournaments?
By making practice as close to the game as possible. Also, making sure you have the best possible pitching match ups to suit the situation.

How do you encourage players to set and work towards both individual and team goals?
Like many teams, we look at the season in thirds which makes things easier to evaluate. Obviously, our goal is to play our best game at the end of the season. I think individual goals are easy for players to create.

What emphasis do you place on mental preparation?
Getting better at this area! A big one is positive self talk between pitches. Also, developing a routine at the plate, in the field, or on the mound.

What role do statistics and analytics play in your coaching decisions?
With the smaller sample size in the spring (large fluctuation in numbers BA, ERA, OBP) it is more beneficial to use practice execution as your judgement guide. Maybe by season’s end, you can start using the numbers to help make decisions.

How do you manage playing time and ensure fair opportunities for all team members?
By giving everyone ample chances at practice to display their strengths and really evaluating their level of execution in different situations.

What role do leadership and captaincy play within your team, and how are leaders selected?
We named captains last year. It was helpful with some leadership stuff. I truly believe a good “culture” is created by having a collection of players all interested in the same thing regardless of who the coach is or what captains have been selected.

What resources or facilities are available to the baseball team for practice and games?
Boyd Park, HS gym

What qualities do you look for in assistant coaches to ensure a cohesive coaching staff?
Leaves things better than they found it.

What advice do you give to players aspiring to pursue baseball beyond high school?
Consider all options/variables (budget, educational programs, employment after college, distance, level of competition, program recruitment, roster number, and playing time) and then find the right fit that meet these conditions.

What services do you utilize to help players that want to pursue baseball beyond high school?
Direct contact with college coaches Field Level contacts Twitter Videos

How do you engage with parents to ensure a collaborative and supportive environment for the team?
We use the Team App to communicate with parents. We also have a Legion club that parents can support if they want to help with the program.

What else should we know about your baseball program?
Omaha Central HS baseball strides to graduate players who have used our program to cultivate a strong work ethic, confidence, mental toughness, and an ability to overcome obstacles they may be faced with in the world outside! Also, they have a lifetime love of baseball because of its challenge, fairness, and beauty!


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