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Site Update: 9/9/2023: Thanks to A LOT of feedback from visitors to the Omaha Sports Network, we are beginning to reconfigure the layout of sports news and information.

We get a lot of inquiries asking why “School A” has more content than “School B” and the answer is simple: School A a publishes more news and information than School B and/or School A is sharing their news & information, from a technical standpoint, in a different manner.

We are interested in your headlines. Headlines lead to some type of information that your school’s athletic department, broadcast journalism students, print journalism students, media students, have spent a lot of time and energy putting together. We want your headline so we can lead our visitors to your content – your hard work.

If we succeed in our goal of becoming the premier high school sports news & information outlet in the Omaha Metro Area, the traffic to all the hard work of the above mentioned high schools, will show up in your Google analytics reports and if it shows up there, it becomes much easier to find sponsors and advertisers to generate revenue for athletics.

We hope to put together a technical document explaining how we can better showcase your school’s sports news and information. If you have questions, feel free to email editor(at)omahasports(dot).net.

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