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Senior shares her experience on cheering

Varsity Cheer Head Coach, Jaidyn Bogard interviewed for the sports column, in regards to the team and how her experience as a cheerleader has affected her life at Central. 

She said her definition of a cheerleader was someone who was uplifting, “Someone who brings the spirit and joy to other people and to the school.” She also says one of the most important things that make the team successful is good communication. “It’s important to listen to everyone’s thoughts and feelings to better understand how everyone is thinking, also team bonding’s, and it’s important to build relationships with your team outside of cheer.” The senior said she was happy to be interviewed about the sport since she thinks cheer does not get enough recognition.  

What is something your coach has said that you will always remember? She said, “My smile and my confidence really shows in a room. I keep this in the back in my head when I have anxiety before some games.” It really keeps her going, she explained. “With being captain comes with many responsibilities and stress.” One way she handles stress, grades and the physical and mental duties required to be captain is meditating. “Late at night ill light and incense and open a window. Just listen to the outside world and all the different noises we ignore in nature.” Or she said sometimes she listens to music and sits back.  

She said One of the hardest parts about being a cheerleader is everyone saying it is not a sport. “We put a lot of time and effort to cheering. It’s not just showing up and cheering, its working out, building a team and making sure our bodies are in shape.” She says the easiest part about cheering is the games. “Just cheering and having fun and enjoying time with everyone and encouraging people to do the same.” 

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