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High School Softball

Softball Scores for Week 2: August 23-28

Metro Conference Team Games: Monday, August 23, 2021

BenningtonOmaha Westside10-2
DC West/ConcordiaOmaha Bryan21-0
GretnaElkhorn South7-1
Millard SouthLincoln Pius X11-3
Millard WestLincoln Southwest3-2
Omaha BurkeBellevue East7-1
Omaha CentralOmaha Bryan10-2
Omaha CentralDC West/Concordia6-4

Metro Conference Team Games: Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Elkhorn SouthBennington14-12
GretnaMillard North5-4
Millard SouthOmaha Westside12-8
Omaha NorthwestOmaha South12-2
Omaha Skutt CatholicPapillion-LaVista14-1
Papillion-LaVista SouthOmaha Burke12-1

Metro Conference Team Games: Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Bellevue EastOmaha Northwest8-0
Millard WestOmaha Bryan12-0
Omaha MarianOmaha Burke7-4

Metro Conference Team Games: Thursday, August 26, 2021

Bellevue EastOmaha Benson12-0
Bellevue EastOmaha Northwest14-0
ColumbusOmaha Westside9-1
Lincoln SouthwestMillard North10-4
Millard SouthBellevue West10-4
Nebraska CityOmaha North12-2
Nebraska CityOmaha Central6-3
Omaha BryanOmaha North5-3
Omaha CentralOmaha Bryan11-3
Omaha NorthwestOmaha South10-0
Omaha SouthOmaha Benson13-3

Metro Conference Team Games: Friday, August 27, 2021

Millard NorthMillard West13-5
Millard NorthPapillion-LaVista South4-2
Millard WestPapillion-LaVista South18-3
Omaha BryanOmaha South6-2
Omaha CentralOmaha Northwest5-4
Omaha MarianPapillion-LaVista3-0
Omaha NorthOmaha Benson13-0

Metro Conference Team Games: Saturday, August 28, 2021

Ashland-GreenwoodBellevue West9-6
CozadOmaha Westside2-1
Elkhorn NorthOmaha Burke6-5
Elkhorn SouthNorris8-2
GretnaNorth Platte12-4
GretnaLincoln North Star7-3
GretnaGrand Island9-5
Lincoln EastOmaha Burke9-7
Lincoln Pius XElkhorn South11-3
NorthwestElkhorn South4-0
Omaha MarianMillard North7-0
Omaha MercyOmaha Westside6-2
Papillion-LaVistaPapillion-LaVista South14-3
Papillion-LaVistaMillard West8-3
WaverlyOmaha Burke16-5

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