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Hopes Ahead For Boys Soccer

As the soccer season quickly approaches coach Pham is working to prepare his team for what may be a difficult season.

Last year’s spring sports season never happened due to Covid and because of that a new set of challenges have been presented.

Central last year had their most talented team in program history, and were set to make a run at the state championship, but they never got the chance to do so. With the season being scrapped the star studded Central roster also left.

The senior heavy roster from last year now leaves a relatively young Central team to compete for state this year. A lack of experience is most definitely a problem that Pham will have to worry about.

Due to their being no season last year there is uncertainty as to which teams will be talented. “I think it will be the usuals, (Omaha) South, Prep,” said Pham, “but I think we can be competitive with anyone.”

With the senior class gone there is a leadership hole that Pham has little worries about being filled. He expects the juniors to step up into bigger roles, and to show him something he has not seen from them.

“This season will be a test to my program,” said Pham. “It sucks that last years kids didn’t get to play but what can we do about it now? We need to move on.”

The talent level of Central is not something to underestimate. “We have plenty of talent on our rosters,” said Pham. “Players like Ty Hoo will get a chance to step up.”

Pham plans on utilizing his midfielders as much as possible because that is where he thinks Central has an advantage. He plans on using Nathan Siy as holding midfielder, where he can affect the game in as many ways as possible.

Pham has used the 4-1-4-1 in the past, and it would not be a shock if he does something similar this year. Coach Pham likes to spread the field and move the ball from side to side to tire out the defense. He enjoys using a lot of players in the midfield to make it easier to switch the ball from one side to the other.

This season is especially hard to predict because nobody played last year, so Pham is prepared to just go out and see what his team has in the tank. Pham’s first game is against Creighton Prep which will be a good indicator of what this season has in store for Pham and the eagles.

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