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Top Teams Meet in Arizona for Corona Angels Invitational

By: RJ Nealon

This weekend, 59 Fast Pitch teams ranging in age from 14-18 will play in the Corona Angels Invitational, a round-robin showcase where each team will play five games. The states represented will be Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington.

The Corona Angels Wren 14U-A (7-0, 6-0 in class) is coming off a stellar 7-0 performance at the Playing for Heroes qualifier. Averaging 5.29 runs scored and 2.29 runs allowed per game, ranked No. 1 in California and No. 16 nationally, they are among the strongest teams in the field.

The Vendetta AZ 16U-A LaFlesch (13-4, 7-2 in class) are ranked No. 1 in Arizona and No. 7 nationally. Since Oct. 3, Vendetta has played in three qualifiers averaging 3.11 runs allowed against 16U-A teams. They’ll face the No. 6 team in Arizona; the Arizona Storm Beach has a record of (9-6-3, 5-1-3 in class).

Among the oldest in the Invitational, the Firecrackers AZ Erickson 18U-A come into the weekend with a (4-1, 4-0 in class) record. The Firecrackers are coming off a 4-1 performance at the Playing for Heroes qualifier. And while there are teams with better records, the Firecrackers hold the No. 1 spot in Arizona and the No. 21 spot nationally. They will face an OC Batbusters Jacobs team (15-4, 3-0 in class) ranked No. 5 in Arizona.

Other notable teams throughout the weekend are the Explosion AZ-Mabrey 14U-A (5-0, 5-0 in class), ranked No. 2 in Arizona. The AZ Force Harper 16U-A (12-9, 5-2 in class) ranked No. 2 in Arizona. And the Rogue FC Kaye 18U-A (8-2-1, 7-2-1 in class) ranked No. 2 in Arizona.

Games will begin Saturday morning and run through Sunday evening. All games will be streamed live on



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