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Freeze Bullying Tournament with Payton’s Project

On October 17th and 18th, Director Eddie Small held the Freeze Bullying Tournament in partnership with Payton’s Project and the Shamrock Organization. The Freeze family started Payton’s Project when their daughter committed suicide after being bullied at school. This event is to bring awareness to and end bullying. Forty-five teams competed in Virginia with girls ranging from 10-16 years old; although this year there were less teams than usual because of COVID-19, this is the first time 16-year-olds competed. This is a very powerful event in the community and has been going on for about 4 years. This event is not just for the girls competing but for everyone in attendance; Mr. Freeze brings everyone to tears with the powerful story of Payton and captivates the entire audience. This spreads the message that it is never okay to bully anyone, “You never know what someone is going through, they could be smiling on the outside but hurting on the inside. Remember to smile while passing someone in the halls, compliment someone, hold the door for someone, it can change their day. Just be nice.” (Eddie Small).

The teams value this event because it allows the community and athletes to come together in a unique way. They are not just playing for a trophy; they are playing for a cause. The athletes play these games to spread the message to be kind to everyone you meet, smile to someone for no reason. A donation of $3000.00 was made to Payton’s Project through The Shamrocks Organization and Virginia USSSA Fastpitch. Thank you to all participants and community members who invest in this USSSA event, and a special thank you to Eddie Small for going above and beyond for Payton’s Project!


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