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9U, 11U, 13U AAG Top Performances

On July 26, 2020 USSSA baseball hosted over 900 players from across the country at the 2020 USSSA All American Baseball Games. Each athlete was ran through a pro style combine consisting of a 60 yard dash, offense, and defense evaluations. Every year the All American staff travels throughout the country evaluating athletes and providing them with building blocks to advance their game to the next level. Stay tuned as all results from that evaluations will be posted to each players USSSA Player Profile. Let’s take a look at some of the top Exit Velos and 60 yard dash times from each age group.

9U 60 yard dash
Nathan Topete 8.64
Jeremiah May 8.69
Taylen Haley 8.79
Jerod Utash 8.87
Ryan Colliver 8.94
Elijah Munch 9.02
Anthony Ceruti 9.09
Kingston Meza 9.11
Cooper Boquet 9.13
William Barker 9.13
9U Exit Velo
Jack Torresson 64
Jacob McCarter 63
Preston Gibson 62
Nelson Velazquez 62
Rider Cochrane 61
Nikodeum Prokurat 61
Matthew Hernandez 60
Evan Rupinta 60
Mason Caplinger 60


11U 60 Yard Dash
Russell Townsend 8.25
Carlos Pena 8.32
Anthony Diaz 8.37
Kade Schneider 8.38
William Flanigan 8.39
Oscar Castillo 8.42
Noah Detillier 8.43
Johnny Willen 8.44
Jefferson Hodge 8.45
Benjamin Jameson 8.45
Michael Smith 8.45
11U Exit Velo
Robert Bock 72
Carlos Pena 72
Carson Binder 71
Teagan Leach 71
Jacob Morris 69
Juan Rivera 69
Gabriel Stevens 69
Jackson Bernosky 69
Anthony Dang 69


13U 60 Yard Dash
Joseph Clark 7
Anthony Montez 7.05
Alexis Sierra 7.13
Marcus Cantu 7.21
Logan Sandoval 7.44
Alex Shaevitz 7.46
Luis Vazquez 7.5
Jace Filleman 7.51
Braxton Hutchins 7.51
Edward Rothlander 7.53
13U Exit Velo
Jace Filleman 86
Caleb Nalley 85
Dane Perry 83
Anthony Sand 83
James Utash 82
Alexis Sierra 81
Bubba Coleman 81
Matthew Calamari 80
Charlie Graves 80
Joseph Amato 80


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